Oregon Tech Dental Hygiene Clinic

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Our non-profit clinic charges fees in order to replace supplies. This is how we are able to provide services at a lower cost to you.

Fees for the most common services are listed below.

The clinic accepts cash, checks, and will bill most dental insurances.


New patient consultation - no charge

Limited oral evaluation (clinic dentist exam) - $10

Oral evaluation for a child under 3 years - $6


Full mouth series - $35

Bitewings, 4 films - $20

Panoramic - $25


Adult Prophylaxis (cleaning) - $25

Child Prophylaxis (cleaning)  - $15

Topical fluoride application - $5

Fluoride varnish - $5

Tooth Sealants - $5 per tooth

Periodontal scaling and root planing per quad - $30

Periodontal maintenance - $25

Whitening - $125 (whitening clinic is once per academic term; call to be placed on the list)

Athletic mouthguard, one arch - $10

No Charge Services

Denture cleaning

Denture labeling

Nutritional counseling

Tobacco counseling

Oral hygiene instruction/aids


Klamath Falls Dental Hygiene Clinic | Fees. Oregon Institute of Technology Dental Hygiene Clinic is a Klamath Falls Dental Hygiene Clinic.